Sammy & Co. Come for a Visit

Monday, June 28, 2010

I wrote about Sammy, a rescued Bichon Poodle, in a previous blog post.

Since my first contact with Sammy, his Kind Friend and I have been in touch via e-mail and Facebook. We wanted to get together in real life for a chat. Of course the dogs (Sammy and his Best Friend) would be part of that meeting! We finally met yesterday when they all came out here to our place. I was worried that Sammy would be nervous or scared in a new place, meeting new people and a new dog (our Magpie), but he was fine. He's very focused on his Kind Friend, but he did let me pet him and give him treats. He's easily startled, but he only jumps a bit and doesn't completely panic like he did when he was first adopted. Sammy's Kind Friend has done a wonderful job with him! Read his blog and you'll see what they've been through together and how hard she has worked to calm and socialize Sammy.

Sammy's Best Friend is a lovely, solid dog (an apricot standard poodle) and he had no problem whatsoever with me giving him plenty of love (and treats too)!

I really enjoyed talking about dogs, art, writing, animals and other things with Sammy's Kind Friend; we sat on our deck for a couple of hours chatting, drinking iced tea, eating scones and petting the dogs. It was a very pleasant way to spend time on a warm, lazy Sunday.


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