Yipes, Stripes!

Friday, March 30, 2007

Currently listed on eBay are these 2 scratchboard drawings of Grevy's Zebras. For these drawings, I used reference photos that I took at the Sacramento Zoo. I visit the Sacramento Zoo a couple of times a year (used to work there many, many years ago) and I always take my camera. I have lots of photos of zebras and they are one of my favorite zoo critters - I'm sure it has to do with their striking striped pattern. Those of you familiar with my art know of my fondness for black and white.

The Zoo has Grevy's Zebras, an endangered species that's much less common than the Plains Zebra seen on many nature shows. The zebras in my drawings are 2 different individuals - the stripes on a zebra are unique and if you study these drawings, you'll see the differences. Click here for the Zoo's fact sheet on Grevy's Zebras.

Of course, someday I'd like to visit Africa to see zebras and the many other wonderful animals in their native habitat.

Click on either image to view the eBay auction.

Stripey - zebra drawing by Ann Ranlett Stripey #2 - zebra drawing by Ann Ranlett


PaintDog April 6, 2007 at 11:03 PM  

Both of my little stripey guys went to a buyer who has purchased my other scratchboard art on eBay - thank you, thank you!!!


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