Festive Weekend!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Getting back to normal after a busy weekend spent at 2 festivals. Eggplant Festival in Loomis CA on Saturday and the Placer Farm & Barn Festival on Sunday.

Saturday was by far the busier day, LOTS of folks attend the Eggplant Festival. A fun time was had by all and I sold quite a bit of my eggplant art merchandise (tiles, magnets, buttons, cards) and some pet art stuff too. The executive director of the Loomis Basin Chamber of Commerce (promoter of the event) purchased on of my original eggplant paintings (the one in the image above).

That's not to say the the Farm & Barn event wasn't fun - I set up in the mandarin packing shed of Highland Orchard in Penryn, CA - a very new and modern building. Our hosts were very gracious and made it very easy for us to set up. An artist buddy (Arry Murphey-Frank) shared space next to me - so we enjoyed getting to know each other better by spending the day together. Sold some more stuff and talked to lots of nice folks.

This event is a tour of Placer County ranches and farms in the Auburn, Lincoln, Penryn area. Folks buy a ticket and get a map showing the participating locations. Each location had tours of the facility and other things to do and see. For example, at our location, there was a mule demonstration (pulling a cart), young FFA members were there to discuss what they do, a couple of ladies from the local quilter's guild had their work for show and sale (I traded them a couple of note cards for a pretty green scarf), and of course Arry & I were there to discuss our art. We had quite a bit of eggplant art left over (Arry was also at the Eggplant Fest), but no mandarin art, since we were tapped to be at Highland at the last minute. BUT if we end up at Highland next year, we'll be prepared with some mandarin paintings!


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