Tuesday, March 06, 2007

California Dragon - dragonfly scratchboard drawing by Ann RanlettThis dragonfly is a 12-Spotted Skimmer - a common sight swooping around our pond in the spring and summer. The dragonfly "invasion" hasn't happened yet this season, but I'm always glad when they come back. Dragonflies are fascinating to watch and this particular species is very predictable. They make it pretty easy to take photos since an individual tends to return to the same cattail or rush leaf time and time again. Once they get warmed up in the morning and start cruising around, I get out my trusty camera and watch for a bit to find the favored landing places. Then I just hang out near one of those spots and wait for the dragonfly to return to have his picture taken. They're flighty, so I have to stay still, but I have a zoom lens, so I don't have to be right next the landing zone.

The handsome male 12-Spotted Skimmers sport black and white spots on their wings and a soft, bluish shade on their body. The females aren't as spectacular, with brownish bodies and a less striking wing pattern.

I created the drawing (which I call "California Dragon") for one of the eBay groups' theme weeks: "Wings". The first week of every month (starting on the 1st) is a theme week for the Small Format Art (SFA) group. Artists can create any small format art that interprets the theme. SFA is any art that measures 14" or less on a side. If you're looking for small format art on eBay, search for "SFA". This drawing is on black scratchboard and it's another one in the ACEO format (3.5" x 2.5"). See my current eBay listings

Photo of a 12-Spotted Skimmer by Ann Ranlett


PaintDog March 13, 2007 at 4:53 PM  

The "California Dragon" ACEO has sold and will soon be on its way to another part of the country - many thanks to a returning customer (who also purchased the eagle listed in an earlier post)!!


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