Sacramento Bee Article About Me & Art Helping Mountain Gorillas

Monday, September 17, 2007

I'm thrilled to report that the Sacramento Bee ran an article about me, my art and my involvement in the Art Helping Mountain Gorillas and Art for Critters groups.

Click here to read the Bee's on-line article. You may have to log in or register in order to read it. If you'd prefer not to do that or if the link is no longer live, I've taken the text and put it on this page.

The leader of the Art Helping Mountain Gorillas group put together a press release for us to send out. I sent it to a few folks and it found its way to Cynthia Hubert, a reporter for the Bee. She called me to find out more and we had a wonderful conversation - we must've talked for at least half an hour. I'm very happy with the way the article turned out - Cynthia did an excellent job of distilling our conversation into a cohesive article that focused on the gorilla art project and Art for Critters.

The Bee also ran this image along with the article.
Gorilla Gaze #2 by Ann Ranlett


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