A Bevy of Chihuahuas

Thursday, March 06, 2008

I have 3 recently completed pet portraits to share - I'll post them separately, starting with this one:

Niña, a long-haired chihuahua.
Ink on Scratchboard, 5" x 6"
Niña, ink on scratchboard by Ann Ranlett

This is the reference photo I took, first the color version and then the version I converted to greyscale to get a better idea of the tones for the drawing.
Niña - photo by Ann Ranlett
Niña - color photo by converted to greyscale

Niña is one of 6 chihuahuas belonging to the same family. In 2004, I created a portrait of their first 4 chihuahuas (all in one drawing). Now they've commissioned individual portraits of their 2 newest girls and new individual portraits of the 4 other girls. Here's the 2004 portrait of the 4 girls.
Reina, Mora, Aimee & Mija, ink on scratchboard by Ann Ranlett - ©2004

And a photo of all 6
from left to right: Mora, Mija, Aimee (yorkie - chi mix), Reina, Chica & Niña - photo by Ann Ranlett


- - - All art and images ©Ann Ranlett, unless otherwise credited. All rights reserved. - - -

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