House Wren vs. Gopher Snake - Video

Saturday, June 14, 2008

A very cool nature moment that I have to share! Earlier this afternoon, John spotted a large gopher snake near the veggie garden and a very agitated house wren nearby. He came and got me and we stood there and watched as the wren flitted and fluttered and fussed around the snake. The snake didn't pay much attention and went about its business, slithering around. At some point the wren had had quite enough and started dive bombing the snake, actually making contact with the snake's head! I ran inside to get my little video camera. Of course by the time I got back, the excitement had ceased and the snake had moved a bit further away from the wren, but I hung around for a while hoping the encounter would happen again. Well, perseverance paid off - the snake moseyed a bit too close to the wren again and I was able to capture the action.

You can hear the agitated chattering of the wren in the video.

Last I checked, the snake was still cruising around the yard near the garden. A very handsome specimen, about 3 feet long and it looks as if it had shed recently - very shiny and fresh.


JT June 15, 2008 at 7:41 AM  

Poor guy's just trying to go about his snake business and gets dive-bombed! Thanks for sharing something most of us will never get to see ourselves, and for appreciating the wonder of garden snakes.

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