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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

* * * The auctions have ended with no bids on either item * * *
If you're interested in either piece, please contact me.


Now's your chance to bid on a couple of my originals with low starting prices. I'm clearing out some inventory in preparation for setting up my studio.

I've started the auction for each item at just under half the original price of $95. The auction runs through 10pm PST on January 21st, 2012.

Bid by leaving a comment below - please bid in increments of $5 and include the name of the work.

Minimum Bid $45 - US bidders only, please. Shipping: $10

You can buy either piece instantly for $80 (you still save $15 off the original price) as long as no bids have been made. Simply write BUY NOW along with the item name in your comment and send a payment of $90 (shipping included) via Paypal using the email address annranlett [at]

Winning bidders:
Make your payment of bid + $10 shipping to Paypal using email address annranlett [at]

As a bonus, I'll donate 10% of the final selling price to Auburn Area Animal Rescue Foundation (we got our dog, Arrow from them).

The first item is a scratchboard drawing of a horse in an English bridle. I used my palomino Quarter Horse mare, Bess as the reference, but I made her a brunette (bay). I created this drawing for use on a horse show poster many years ago.

The specs: Framed to 8" x 10", the drawing measures approximately 5" x 6". The mat is black and the frame is black, matte finish metal.

The second item is a watercolor on Yupo painting of a pug.

The specs: Framed to 8" x 10", the painting is 4" x 4". The mat is white and the frame is silver, matte finish metal. The image below isn't a photo of the framed, piece, but it shows the proportions.


- - - All art and images ©Ann Ranlett, unless otherwise credited. All rights reserved. - - -

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