A Couple of Goats

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Gimme Some - color pencil ACEO by Ann RanlettAnother ACEO - this one is of a pair of goats I photographed at last year's Placer County fair. The larger goat was nibbling on a bit of alfalfa and the smaller one was interested in its buddy's (perhaps mom's?) snack, so I decided to title the drawing "Gimme Some". Both goats had stuck their heads through their pen into the adjoining one where a small pile of alfalfa had been left unattended.

When I started this color pencil ACEO, I wanted to document my steps and create a video of the progress. So now, I have 2 videos on YouTube. Actually, I have 3, but the third one is just a condensed version of the goat demo - I have a link to the short video on the eBay auction for the ACEO.

This is the reference photo I used for "Gimme Some", the goats are standard goat colors. I wanted something more vibrant for my drawing, however, so I chose purple and orange for the goats and yellow green for the background. reference photo for Gimme Some


PaintDog May 8, 2007 at 8:41 PM  

"Gimme Some" sold! Thanks to the barnyard critter fan who purchased it :) -Ann

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