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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Big Dog, Small Dog, Monochrome Dog, Colorful Dog. . .

Two new ACEOs now on eBay.
Click on the image to see the auction.

A big, hairy, jowly, slobbery Newfoundland, titled "Got Cookies?"
Got Cookies? Newfie drawing by Ann Ranlett
2.5" x 3.5", graphite pencil
This is Desmond, a sweet lug of a guy, who sadly, is no longer with us. I was thrilled to meet him a number of years ago when I was commissioned to create a portrait of him. I took lots of photos at that time and of course I saved them for future reference. Sure comes in handy when I'm looking for new ACEO subjects!

Here's Desmond's official portrait in ink on scratchboard:
Desmond - ink on scratchboard

And a stylish, colorful, sweet Australian Cattle Dog
I have a friend who calls them Australian "Comfort" Dogs! 'Cause although they do enjoy having a job - whether it's herding sheep or catching a ball - and they work hard, they love to kick back & relax in their off hours.
I created this mini painting in memory of Rocky who lived a wonderful, happy life with fellow A4C member hissnhowl. Rocky recently passed away and is dearly missed. What's A4C? It's Art for Critters - a group of animal loving artists who sell their work on eBay and donate a portion of the proceeds to select animal charities.
Rock On - ACD painting by Ann Ranlett
"Rock On"
2.5" x 3.5", watercolor & color pencil

I was moved to create this little painting in memory of Rocky when hissnhowl listed her own painting of him. Her painting reminded me of an image of my buddy Patch napping on the bed. So I snagged her photo of Rocky from the listing and used it for reference.
hissnhowl's photo

hissnhowl's photo cropped for my ACEO reference

A portion of the proceeds from "Got Cookies?" and "Rock On" benefit animal charities. See the auction listings for details.


PaintDog February 29, 2008 at 11:49 PM  

Both "Got Cookies?" and "Rock On" have sold :)


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