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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Here's a drawing I've wanted to do for a while. It's a close up of my horse's muzzle when she was eating. My horse is a 25 year-old palomino Quarter Horse, Bess (her registered name is Honey Moore Bess). I got the idea for this drawing a number of years ago at the local Draft Horse Classic. The art on the t-shirt that particular year was from a beautiful painting of a grazing draft horse by Adeline Halvorson. Her painting showed the horse's entire head, part of the neck and the lovely feathered front feet, but the part I loved best was the wrinkly muzzle. I tried to find the art on her Adeline's web site - that particular painting isn't there, but she has some other great equine art worth checking out.

Lawnmower Attachment #1, pencil drawing by Ann Ranlett
Update 11/9/08 - this ACEO has sold.

To get the reference photo for this drawing, I put some hay out on the lawn and sat in front of Bess with my camera, happily snapping away while she happily munched away. Here's the original photo:
Photo of Bess's muzzle, by Ann Ranlett

I decided to do a really close crop on the photo to create a somewhat abstract drawing that focused on the wrinkles of her muzzle. I cropped to ACEO size (2.5" x 3.5") and printed the color version and also a greyscale version (which helps me figure out the tones and contrast when I'm working in pencil). Then I transferred the image to my paper and started drawing. I didn't do a WIP (work in progress) of this one, but you can see my process for another pencil drawing in this video.

Cropped photo of Bess's muzzle, by Ann Ranlett

This drawing is "#1" because I'd like to do one or two more some day. I'll crop a bit differently and perhaps use color pencil for the next one.


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